Purchasing Prints on Xiaohongshu

How to purchase Sunflower with Gallery All:


We are partnering with Gallery All to offer a new way for our customers in China to purchase prints using Xiaohongshu. 

我们正在与Gallery All合作,为我们在中国的客户提供多一个购买版画的渠道。


You can use the following link to get into the store and start your purchase immediately!





Or There are 2 simple steps for you to find the Gallery All art store via Xiaohongshu:

两个简单的步骤,可以方便地找到Gallery All小红书店铺,进行购藏!


1. Simply scan the QR Code in the following image, and open it in Xiaohongshu App 



2. Step 1 will guide you to the official Xiaohongshu account of Gallery All, the art store should be in the home page.Click on “Store”and choose the artwork!

   完成第一步之后,你会来到Gallery All的官方小红书账号,点击首页中的“店铺”选项,即可选择作品并购买!